Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm moving!!

Ok, I'm not a fan when blogs I read suddenly stop and are like "Hey! I'm moving! You need to add this NEW link to your bookmarks, and update all that stuff!" Which then causes you (or me. Mostly me) to feel bad about the state of organization of my bookmarks. And want to finally get all that under control.

But nooooo.

Wow, rabbit trail?

ANYWAY. But, I'm doing this very thing that annoys me when other people do it.

*dramatic sob* I'm sorry! I must!

lol, yeaaaah

Knitting Goddess with a Cat

That's my new blog! Same idea, and stuff. Yada yada yada. yeah!

THANK YOU ALL for subscribing to me, on THIS blog. If you wanna read more (not completely about knitting. I have plenty of posts that ramble about nothing that has to do with Thank you for your comments and support.

I *heart* my readers.

So yes. I imported all my old stuff on here to there (Oh the wonders of WordPress) so if you need to look up something that I had *here* you don't need to come back *here*. You can just scroll down *there*.

Phew, that was confusing. I just confused myself. Annnyway.
I heart you guys. And *not in a whiny voice* please go subscribe to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! (Really, I'm not shouting. I just like using...a loud voice. Lol, not really. Emphasis is awesome.)

*strange accent. Any accent. You choose* If you do? I shall love you forevah!

Don't forget to tell your friends. Not just knitting friends. I'm trying to expand my post...genre. Ish. So yeah. Books, music, singing, dancing, knitting, rambling.

Or, my main reason? to make people laugh. Lol.

"Bless you all! " Lenia Lamont. I love that movie.


Anyway, thank you blogger, thank you readers, thank you everyone!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I had one of the most fun week EVER

These friends are some of the best people in the WORLD. This post *should* be filled with many many pictures of happiness, camera ran out of batteries.

Anyway, Kaley came up with her mater for the week! They stayed at Haley's house for the whole time, as did I. Except for the first two days, or something...and the last day.

Ok, so what did we do? We did a musical theater camp with the A.D. Players! It was seriously We did Oklahoma! I was Gertie, lol. Kaley was Laurey...and Haley was Ado Annie!

It was full of singing, dancing, acting, and singing and dancing smushed together. 1-4 Monday - Friday. Pure awesome. Made new friends. Funny thing was that everyone kind of opened up after we learned the first dance thing, and we all made fools of ourselves :-P

Anyway, it aroused this love for musical theater that I had no idea existed before. And I REALLY hope I can go do it again next year :-P

While I was at the Bartell's house...after we got home, we crashed in their family room for a couple hours of Jeeves and Wooster, Haley and I knit, and Kaley doodled, and did listed characteristics of Laurey. I finished my mater's Fishnet Sockies. They are now re-named "Sunrise-Sunset socks".

I don't have any current pictures of them...yet. But hopefully that'll change soon :-)

So, I had tons and tons and TONS of fun with Haley and Kaley while she was here. While we were all together. It was so much stinking fun.

   Yes, I love these girlies. So much. Most likely more pictures coming soon. Wheeee!  

May you never run out of stitch markers and your stash always be overflowing!

Friday, June 25, 2010

We're in Austin!

First day of the homeschool conference (CHEACT) was amazingly awesome, a lot of great speakers. Jessie Wise (Susan Wise Bauer's mother), Dr. Leithart, and Paul Hastings. All were extremely interesting, and I definitely learned a lot :-P. I also got to knit a lot! I brought along my mom's...very belated Mother's Day gift (heh heh) the fishnet socks!
Which I'm really happy to be moving forward on again. One of the many things that is a definite plus w
hen knitting; is that it really helps to pay attention and really listen. For some reason. I have no idea why...but it does! Though, sometimes it means messing up on the knitting :-P. I had trouble getting the cuff right of
the next sock right during Dr. Leithart's last session. I kept doing the decreases in the wrong place, and with stitches in between. I re-did the cuff at least 5 times >.<. Lol, oh well. Finally, I got it right :-P

It's about 2 hours (in good-ish traffic) from Houston to Austin. More perfect knitting time! Instead of working on the Sparkle! dress, which I kind of needed a break of, I worked on my skirt! I'm so excited about it!
Almost done with the *last* flower repeat, then comes a small pleat, and then the waist. My goal: finish it by the time we get home. If that'll be accomplished or not, I have no idea. I'll try my best :-P

After we left the conference, which was around 4:15 ish, we headed to one of the knitting stores we shall be visiting (which you guys have nicely put up with my ranting and raving about all that. Thank you, lol). The Knitting Nest! They just finished moving, so not everything was out on their shelves. BUT it was really big, and they did have a lot of stuff. And it smelled like paint. Those who know me really well...know that I love the smell of paint, lol (That, and Sharpies. Love that smell. Fo serious.) (Yes, don't worry. I know it is bad for me. :-P) So, the yarn that we got (for French Press Felted Slippers!! EEE, I can't wait to start these!)
smells like wonderful yarn and paint. Yummmmm.

So...that is that!
Oh, quick side note: I'm thinking about saving my money for a that takes nice pictures *and* videos. For mea I don't have to keep bugging my brother to take pictures for me all the time. (I really REALLY appreciate him doing it for me, he's definitely got skilz that I don't have :-P)

May you never run out of stitch markers and your stash be always overflowing! :-P

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Austin Hoodie ~
(My commentary: It's kinda hard to see it...on this picture. Check out the other pictures around it. I LOVE THIS COLOR. And I have never made a hoodie before. It'd be fun. And I think this is seamless. All the more to love!)

Dayflower Cami ~
(My commentary: Obviously, something underneath it. Loooove it!!)

Featherweight Cardigan ~
(My commentary: EEEE! I stinking love this one. PLUS, it's knit in a lace weight! Which means...I could try out Noro's new lace weight yarn! EEEE NORO! Plus, it's seamless as well.)

Lotus Blossom Tank ~
(My commentary: Preeetty awesome!)

3-Hour Vintage Sweater ~
(My commentary: I really don't like this one done up. I LOVE the pattern, but I hate this color...and like the shaping isn't very nice. But, it was the only one I could find with a flicker for all the non-ravelry people. The other ones are ADORABLE.)

Marnie's Cecchetti ~
(My commentary: Sooo cute! It is seamed though. But I could get over that part :-P)

Roko's Bulgaria ~
(My Commentary: I STINKING WANT TO MAKE THIS. GAH. Gaaaaah.)

Quadrat ~
(My commentary: Aaaaaah. Soooo cute!!)

Mary Jane/ Elizabeth Bennet ~
(My commentary: It's actually called Mary Jane, but I saw Elizabeth Bennet was one that someone had changed the name. And I like that a whole lot better :-P Perfect for my Mr. Darcy! lol.)

Owls ~
(My commentary: You've seen this once, and you'll see it again! I LOVE THIS PATTERN. Not so great for the summer..Eeh. )

Catnip Bunnies ~
(My commentary: Ok. Not these. Lol. But they're so adorable, I had to show them to you guys.)

Smock Top ~
(My commentary: There's another one in a really pretty aqua, but Flicker :-(. )

Evening Shell ~
(My Commentary: I <3 href="">
(My commentary: Not this color. And definitely not with that skirt, lol. But still adorable!)

Ballet Sweater ~
(My commentary: *heart* *heart* *heart*)

Cobblestone for Her ~
(My commentary: Once again, another amazing winter/fall sweater. Not so hot for spring/summer. Blarg.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ok, I feel bad about not writing...

..but what have I been doing? SAT prep, reading in the pool, knitting, re-watching favorite movies, going to see new movies, planning my summer, being excited about my summer, kn
itting, laughing with friends..
...and loads and loads of other stuff. Which probably isn't the most interesting thing to you.

To get on to the actual topic of this blog...what am I making right now?

Many things. This is a big problem with most knitters. In the past,
I didn't have this problem. But now...I do. *sigh* Oh well. This is definitely not a bad thing, lol. I have knitters ADD. I see something, and I HAVE to make it. Unless, I don't have the yarn. Then I have to save it on my endless list of things to make :-P

One of Vogue's free patterns, Sparkle! Dress!
I'm making it for a wedding...dress rehearsal that my family and I are going to in NY this August. My yarn is Rowan Calmer,
which is 75% cotton 25% acrylic. I'm definitely loving this yarn! Because of the acrylic, it has a really nice stretch...and won't hang funny when it's all put together! Loving the pattern, it's tricky...because just one stitch will throw the whole thing off. So I'm always on my toes :-P I think that some fun earrings and/or necklace and some flats will finish the outfit :-P

Still working on that Nautical Cable for my sister. Haven't worked on that in awhile, because it got so big and bulky, I couldn't easily carry it around. So then I started to work more on....

My Single Gore Skirt (mentioned in previous blog post.)! I can't wait till it's finished...(it's almost done! One more flower repeat and then I start th
e waist...whatever. thinger.) it's sooo cute, the yarn is awesome (using Rowan's Cotton Glace), the color is amazing...though...I don't know if I'll have to line it or not. That question has no
t yet been answered. It'll be soo cute.

And a couple days ago, I started Destroyed Cowl with some stash Noro Silk Garden yarn.
The same stuff that I used for my Chevron Noro vest thing I did awhile back. Really loving that. Cause it's uber easy. I mean, 43" of plain knitting....then the fun part! Dropping those stitches :-P. It reminds me a lot of Clapotis (which I LOVE)

Speaking of stash busters, I have an extra skein of Manos Wool Clasica...and I really want to do the Athroplogie - Inspired Capelet. Which I've wanted to do forevvvvver! But I should probably wait...till I get at least two of my current projects done.

Heh heh, I hope everyone is still there.

This week. 2 big things are happening.

1) My family and I are going to a big homeschooling conference in San Antonio! And apparently, one of the speakers...will be addressing bloggers! So. blogging speaker. knitting during pretty much everything. I get to watch people. I get to knit and watch people. Sooo yeah! Oh, and I really hope we'll be able to go to the yarn store that we found last time we trekked there. The Yarnivore! I realllly hope that we can go.

Anyway, that was an update. Oh, I followed the TNNA on my Twitter! Which I absolutely loved doing, I got to see some of my favorite yarns, designers, and bloggers! Someday, I hope I can go to a yarn convention. How much fun would that be??

Oh, and before I leave?

my stitch count as of...yesterday is
369,333 (!!)

May you never run out of stitch markers and have an overflowing stash ;-)


P.S. (sorry, this is getting really long. Heh heh) Poirot and All Creatures Great and Small are pretty much the BEST tv shows EVER right now. Oh, and the Next Food Network Star, lol.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Ok. So. School is ALMOST over. Allllmost. I just finished my math, which I proceeded to weep tears of joy, thinking about all icky-ness I went though. Good thing it's over.

Ummmm. Haven't been posting very much lately, sorry about that...heh heh. Hopefully, the summer will prove to be a good...posting time, or whatever. If it doesn't, I fail. Been knitting a ton lately. Also been reading a ton. Our reading goal-ish thing for the summer is to read 1(+ for me, wheee!) book(s) a week. Only on week two, but I'm really loving all the time I now have for fun reading. Books that I pick *myself*. YAY! Week 1 was "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell(*love*) and now it's "The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy. Which is very interesting. The ending is kind of slow...for me anyways. Lol, lets just say I'm looking forward to other things.

Anyway, back to knitting. My stitch count is....*quickly calculates*


The blanket is awesome for this. And I've been working on those socks for my mom, like I said in my last post. I'm doing the Purl Bee's Fishnet Socks, yeppers! Using an awesome Zauberball. Pure amazingness.

I have SOOOO many knitting projects lined up.


  1. Feministy's Traveling Woman
  2. FrenchPressKnits' French Press Felted Slippers (personally, I don't like that color..but yeah :-)
  3. Kate Davies' Owl (I want to make this sooooo bad!! To bad the weather isn't suiting right now...>.<)
  4. The Shetland Trader's (Gudrun Johnston) The Little Black Dress
  5. Beautia Dew's Quadrat
  6. Coffee and Cream's (Selina Kyle) Catnip Bunnies
And those are just a few. I still have to finish my mom's socks, my sister's blanket, and my skirt.

The recitals are over. Had a piano one and ballet one. Sad/happy both are over.

Ummm..I just made Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes and...chocolate chip cookies! For my uberly awesome sister, who is coming home for this amazing weekend. She should be arriving in about an hour or something...wheeee!

My summer is going to be amazing. Lots and lots of traveling! I get to finally meet people, and I get to reunite with other peoples that my life isn't complete without!! Soooo excited! I have two camps I'm going to. Mmmmhm. This summer is going to be! Booyah!!

Ok, well...I better go. I need to get more cookies in the oven :-)

*passes out a plate of cookies and cupcakes* Enjoy!

May you never run out of stitch markers and your stash be overflowing :-P


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Soooo....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! One of the best holidays (among many others) in the year. To celebrate how amazingly awesome our mothers are. Seriously, where would we be without our mothers....I life would be horribly sad, and know what????


Like the way I am today. Scary thought. Seriously. She was the one who wanted to take knitting classes at Yarntopia, and..yeah. We did, and now...we're knitters! Serious knitters. And loving every minute of it. Oooh yeah. Yeah, if I wasn't a knitter, I wouldn't have this blog. And I love blogging. So that'd be sad.

Went to Yarns 2 Ewe, for various reasons. Well, only 2. But still. I'd GLADLY go into ANY knitting store with no reason at all, and leave with at least 50 ideas created. Anyway, we went in for SOCK YARN. for that blanket (got one Zauberball, and two Jitter bugs in amazing colors. It was cool, we found a color way that reminds me of my grandmother, all pastels and stuff :-).)

(yeah. Zauberball, the ball one. Other two are Jitter Bug. Bottom one is the one that reminds me of my grandmother :-)

and another Zauberball for some socks for my mom. She wanted me to make her a pair of the Fishnet Anklets from the Purl Bee (soooo awesome)We went there...on Saturday. I, sadly, am not (yet) the type of person who can come home from a movie at 10 (IRON MAN 2 WAS AMAZING. but that's either a whole other post, or just a different paragraph) and then cast on and finish a full pair of socks. They may be anklets, but still. Ok, this needs to be turned into like...several paragraphs. Ok.

We walk in. Get the sock yarn. We're checking out. The yarn is being wound on the AMAZING automatic winder (I want one of those for Christmas. Along with a 180 degree turn out....ballet dancers will get this.) my mom and sister (She came home for the weekend from Dallas, soooo much fun! I love it when she comes home.) are standing at the counter, and my mom picks up a magazine we already have to show my sister a pattern. It's the Debbie Bliss Spring 2010 one. It's pure awesomeness. Anyway, my sister saw that cabled blanket. It's Nautical something or other. And fell in love with it. "Could you....make this???" was the question to me. "My birthday...that'd be awesome. Do you think you could do that???" Yeah. So while the yarn was still winding, my sister and I wandered around trying to find the Debbie Bliss Eco Aran. We did find it, but my sister didn't want that. So we ended up with Berroco Comfort...which is one of my most favorite yarns (softness wise) to knit with. Seriously. She chose the colors in the magazine, white and navy. I did cast on. And yeah. Haven't done 2x2 rib in a looong time, and it's really messing with me. Anyway. Yeah. that's what she's getting for her birthday. On June 2nd, it should be all done, wrapped, and awesome. Haven't cabled in a while either, so this should be fun :-)

Back to the socks. Chose the yarn. it was awesome. blah blah blah. We had dinner with my...aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins for my uncle's birthday....then we went to go see IRON MAN 2!!! (sorry, that had to be in caps.) WHICH WAS SO AMAZING. (yeah, that needed to be in caps as well.) Robert Downey Jr. is pretty stinking awesome. for some reason, I have no idea WHY he's cool. But he his. Go figure. Anyway, we saw the movie, (EEEEE. Ok, I'll calm down now.) and it ended at...10:30 ish. Got, we got home at 10:30, so the movie ended at like 10:something. Anyway. got home, everyone crashed, got ready for bed. Went to bed, or got in bed and did whatever. Like me. I got in bed, and watched...some Anastasia movie*. cast on the 72. Looked down the pattern saw the decreases, thought to myself; "Ew, 72 stitches. Apposed the regular 40 that you always do. Cast on 40, and forget the decreases." Did that, and ripped back the 3 or 4 rounds I did with the 72. Got the 8 rounds of ribbing done with the 40 Started on the pattern. Realized that the decreases were really important for the pattern. Drat. Yeah. Another ripping out session. Not fun. Went back, cast on 72...and got maybe on the 5 round of the yo(yarnovers. They create holes in the knitting. just btw :-D) row and the movie ended, and I was tiiiired. So yeah. Put the not even 1/2 made sock in a bag and brought it down to the kitchen table this morning. But it was all happy :-) It wasn't like my mom was expecting me to finish them, let alone cast them on. So it was all good :-)

This is the sock. So far. Jooooy. But yeah, never knit with a Zauberball before, and I'm really enjoying it :-) (Yeah, I look like a dork in this picture, but the point isn't me is it. Yeah. Focus on the sock...not me :-P)
* ~
Anastasia movie. Yeah. Er, *some* Anastasia movie. I've been reading this book my mom recommended to me, some book that she read when she was young and loved it. (Background: I LOVE the Romanov time era and that kind of stuff. It's so stinking interesting.) anyway. So the book is...Nicolas and Alexandra by Robert Massie. It's the whole history starting with when Nicolas was a kid written in a sort of fictional way. It's soooo good. Right now it's on hold...because of school. heh heh. But yeah. I'm like, more than half way done...and decided to look on Netflix to see what kind of movies they had about it. And...added a whole bunch to our queue...heh heh. And they've slowly been coming. The one I watched on...Saturday night was something with the guy from the King and I in it...which was kind of funny. Another had like..Amy Irving in it? Had no idea who she was, but she looked uber familiar. Anyway, it was called Anastasia: Mystery of Anna. When I was watching that one, the credits were rolling and I see...what do I see? "CHRISTIAN BALE". Seriously. And this was made in like..1986. Apparently he was the young version of Alexi. I didn't notice it at all when I was watching, but going back I totally could see the...older Christian Bale. It was so creepy. He must have been like 10 or something. Also watched the awesome Disney cartoon version. It's so awesome. But the graphics are really....old, lol. and historically it's really messed up (SERIOUSLY. Dimitri was like...15 or something years older than Anastasia. In the cartoon, they're the same age. Unless it was a different Dimitri, I guess. But the other one, the REAL one, was also the one who helped kill Rasputin (that guy seriously gives me the creeps x 100000). And yeah. the cartoon is really messed up in other areas as well, but the Dimitri part REALLY REALLY bugs me. Yeah...) the music is awesome.

Ok, I just realized that this was really long. Sorry about that, heh heh.

May your stash be everlasting and you never run out of stitch markers.

Grace, who is oh-so thankful to her mom for wanting to do something which caused me to be the knitter I am today.

P.S. Sorry the pictures are like...really small and bad ish. I needed pictures and all I had available was Photo booth. Heh heh, sorry about that...Blarg

P.P.S ~ Thank you for your comments!! I really enjoy reading them :-) And your subscriptions, love those too :-)

P.P.P. S ~ THANK YOU FOR READING ALL THAT. If you did...anyway. If you didn't, THANK YOU FOR READING THIS MUCH. I have a tendency to ramble. Especially online...cause there's nothing stopping me. And a lot of that was grammatically incorrect, I know. Just kind of ignore that...heh heh. I do know how to do things right. Just when I'm typing...things kind of slip away. Lol. That didn't make much sense, but yeah...*rambles* I'll leave now :-)