Monday, June 7, 2010

Ok, I feel bad about not writing...

..but what have I been doing? SAT prep, reading in the pool, knitting, re-watching favorite movies, going to see new movies, planning my summer, being excited about my summer, kn
itting, laughing with friends..
...and loads and loads of other stuff. Which probably isn't the most interesting thing to you.

To get on to the actual topic of this blog...what am I making right now?

Many things. This is a big problem with most knitters. In the past,
I didn't have this problem. But now...I do. *sigh* Oh well. This is definitely not a bad thing, lol. I have knitters ADD. I see something, and I HAVE to make it. Unless, I don't have the yarn. Then I have to save it on my endless list of things to make :-P

One of Vogue's free patterns, Sparkle! Dress!
I'm making it for a wedding...dress rehearsal that my family and I are going to in NY this August. My yarn is Rowan Calmer,
which is 75% cotton 25% acrylic. I'm definitely loving this yarn! Because of the acrylic, it has a really nice stretch...and won't hang funny when it's all put together! Loving the pattern, it's tricky...because just one stitch will throw the whole thing off. So I'm always on my toes :-P I think that some fun earrings and/or necklace and some flats will finish the outfit :-P

Still working on that Nautical Cable for my sister. Haven't worked on that in awhile, because it got so big and bulky, I couldn't easily carry it around. So then I started to work more on....

My Single Gore Skirt (mentioned in previous blog post.)! I can't wait till it's finished...(it's almost done! One more flower repeat and then I start th
e waist...whatever. thinger.) it's sooo cute, the yarn is awesome (using Rowan's Cotton Glace), the color is amazing...though...I don't know if I'll have to line it or not. That question has no
t yet been answered. It'll be soo cute.

And a couple days ago, I started Destroyed Cowl with some stash Noro Silk Garden yarn.
The same stuff that I used for my Chevron Noro vest thing I did awhile back. Really loving that. Cause it's uber easy. I mean, 43" of plain knitting....then the fun part! Dropping those stitches :-P. It reminds me a lot of Clapotis (which I LOVE)

Speaking of stash busters, I have an extra skein of Manos Wool Clasica...and I really want to do the Athroplogie - Inspired Capelet. Which I've wanted to do forevvvvver! But I should probably wait...till I get at least two of my current projects done.

Heh heh, I hope everyone is still there.

This week. 2 big things are happening.

1) My family and I are going to a big homeschooling conference in San Antonio! And apparently, one of the speakers...will be addressing bloggers! So. blogging speaker. knitting during pretty much everything. I get to watch people. I get to knit and watch people. Sooo yeah! Oh, and I really hope we'll be able to go to the yarn store that we found last time we trekked there. The Yarnivore! I realllly hope that we can go.

Anyway, that was an update. Oh, I followed the TNNA on my Twitter! Which I absolutely loved doing, I got to see some of my favorite yarns, designers, and bloggers! Someday, I hope I can go to a yarn convention. How much fun would that be??

Oh, and before I leave?

my stitch count as of...yesterday is
369,333 (!!)

May you never run out of stitch markers and have an overflowing stash ;-)


P.S. (sorry, this is getting really long. Heh heh) Poirot and All Creatures Great and Small are pretty much the BEST tv shows EVER right now. Oh, and the Next Food Network Star, lol.

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