Friday, June 25, 2010

We're in Austin!

First day of the homeschool conference (CHEACT) was amazingly awesome, a lot of great speakers. Jessie Wise (Susan Wise Bauer's mother), Dr. Leithart, and Paul Hastings. All were extremely interesting, and I definitely learned a lot :-P. I also got to knit a lot! I brought along my mom's...very belated Mother's Day gift (heh heh) the fishnet socks!
Which I'm really happy to be moving forward on again. One of the many things that is a definite plus w
hen knitting; is that it really helps to pay attention and really listen. For some reason. I have no idea why...but it does! Though, sometimes it means messing up on the knitting :-P. I had trouble getting the cuff right of
the next sock right during Dr. Leithart's last session. I kept doing the decreases in the wrong place, and with stitches in between. I re-did the cuff at least 5 times >.<. Lol, oh well. Finally, I got it right :-P

It's about 2 hours (in good-ish traffic) from Houston to Austin. More perfect knitting time! Instead of working on the Sparkle! dress, which I kind of needed a break of, I worked on my skirt! I'm so excited about it!
Almost done with the *last* flower repeat, then comes a small pleat, and then the waist. My goal: finish it by the time we get home. If that'll be accomplished or not, I have no idea. I'll try my best :-P

After we left the conference, which was around 4:15 ish, we headed to one of the knitting stores we shall be visiting (which you guys have nicely put up with my ranting and raving about all that. Thank you, lol). The Knitting Nest! They just finished moving, so not everything was out on their shelves. BUT it was really big, and they did have a lot of stuff. And it smelled like paint. Those who know me really well...know that I love the smell of paint, lol (That, and Sharpies. Love that smell. Fo serious.) (Yes, don't worry. I know it is bad for me. :-P) So, the yarn that we got (for French Press Felted Slippers!! EEE, I can't wait to start these!)
smells like wonderful yarn and paint. Yummmmm.

So...that is that!
Oh, quick side note: I'm thinking about saving my money for a that takes nice pictures *and* videos. For mea I don't have to keep bugging my brother to take pictures for me all the time. (I really REALLY appreciate him doing it for me, he's definitely got skilz that I don't have :-P)

May you never run out of stitch markers and your stash be always overflowing! :-P

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mushbrain said...

I love the smell of sharpies too. I thought I was the only person. :-)
Glad you had fun!!