Monday, July 5, 2010

I had one of the most fun week EVER

These friends are some of the best people in the WORLD. This post *should* be filled with many many pictures of happiness, camera ran out of batteries.

Anyway, Kaley came up with her mater for the week! They stayed at Haley's house for the whole time, as did I. Except for the first two days, or something...and the last day.

Ok, so what did we do? We did a musical theater camp with the A.D. Players! It was seriously We did Oklahoma! I was Gertie, lol. Kaley was Laurey...and Haley was Ado Annie!

It was full of singing, dancing, acting, and singing and dancing smushed together. 1-4 Monday - Friday. Pure awesome. Made new friends. Funny thing was that everyone kind of opened up after we learned the first dance thing, and we all made fools of ourselves :-P

Anyway, it aroused this love for musical theater that I had no idea existed before. And I REALLY hope I can go do it again next year :-P

While I was at the Bartell's house...after we got home, we crashed in their family room for a couple hours of Jeeves and Wooster, Haley and I knit, and Kaley doodled, and did listed characteristics of Laurey. I finished my mater's Fishnet Sockies. They are now re-named "Sunrise-Sunset socks".

I don't have any current pictures of them...yet. But hopefully that'll change soon :-)

So, I had tons and tons and TONS of fun with Haley and Kaley while she was here. While we were all together. It was so much stinking fun.

   Yes, I love these girlies. So much. Most likely more pictures coming soon. Wheeee!  

May you never run out of stitch markers and your stash always be overflowing!


mushbrain said...

yay for friends! that's nice that you got to spend time with Kaley.
I've never performed anything before. did it make you nervous or uncomfortable?

RainyDayDreamer said...

No, it didn't! I've had lots of practice with previous performances :-P But at one time, doing things in front of people scared me half to death. lol.

Kaley Grace said...

Awwww :) *happy sigh* That seriousy WAS one of the most fun weeks ever. Ever ever! We definitely need to do the Music Theatre camp next year much fun!