Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm moving!!

Ok, I'm not a fan when blogs I read suddenly stop and are like "Hey! I'm moving! You need to add this NEW link to your bookmarks, and update all that stuff!" Which then causes you (or me. Mostly me) to feel bad about the state of organization of my bookmarks. And want to finally get all that under control.

But nooooo.

Wow, rabbit trail?

ANYWAY. But, I'm doing this very thing that annoys me when other people do it.

*dramatic sob* I'm sorry! I must!

lol, yeaaaah

Knitting Goddess with a Cat

That's my new blog! Same idea, and stuff. Yada yada yada. yeah!

THANK YOU ALL for subscribing to me, on THIS blog. If you wanna read more (not completely about knitting. I have plenty of posts that ramble about nothing that has to do with Thank you for your comments and support.

I *heart* my readers.

So yes. I imported all my old stuff on here to there (Oh the wonders of WordPress) so if you need to look up something that I had *here* you don't need to come back *here*. You can just scroll down *there*.

Phew, that was confusing. I just confused myself. Annnyway.
I heart you guys. And *not in a whiny voice* please go subscribe to my NEW and IMPROVED blog! (Really, I'm not shouting. I just like using...a loud voice. Lol, not really. Emphasis is awesome.)

*strange accent. Any accent. You choose* If you do? I shall love you forevah!

Don't forget to tell your friends. Not just knitting friends. I'm trying to expand my post...genre. Ish. So yeah. Books, music, singing, dancing, knitting, rambling.

Or, my main reason? to make people laugh. Lol.

"Bless you all! " Lenia Lamont. I love that movie.


Anyway, thank you blogger, thank you readers, thank you everyone!!

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